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​     Growing up in New England,  I enjoyed an abundance of history and a variety of seasons.​​  The winters finally got to me though
​and I headed ​south, eventually settling in central Florida.  ​​For many years I loved working with and for kids
​as a classroom teacher ​and as a ​Reading Resource Specialist in elementary schools.  

​     Now I am retired and spend a lot of time swimming, writing, volunteering, writing, walking,  writing, "junkin" and, oh yes, writing.

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What a wonderful visit I had at Seminole Elementary School in Okeechobee, Florida!  The students had read my book Hildy and my visit was their culminating activity.   
​I was impressed with these super listeners and the thoughtful questions they asked after the presentation.

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Hildy, an upbeat, early chapter book,​ is a 2012 First Place Winner
​ Florida Writers Association
​Royal Palm Literary Awards
Early Chapter Book​

​It is an AR (Accelerated Reader) book with a Readability Level of 3.8. ​
​Two picture books followed:
​Daddy's Gone and May I Have A Dog?

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During the early 1900's, life isn't easy for Jews living in Russia. Esther's parents seek a better life; her papa leaves for America, and his family follows later. Though sad to leave her village, Esther is excited to be moving to a place where girls are allowed to attend school.
With help along the way, Esther, her sister and Mama ​begin the trek to England. Enduring many challenges, they avoid the soldiers who would stop them. Once aboard ship for the Atlantic crossing, they believe their problems are behind them -- ​but they're not.
​They ​arrive at Ellis Island, eager to plant the seeds of a new life. But their dream is put in jeopardy when another obstacle threatens their entry to America.

I invite you to e​xperience this authentic slice of history​ through Esther's heart-warming story.

​​REVIEW by Kathryn Lynn Davis,
​Award Winning & New York Times Bestselling Author
​Papa's Promise is an enchanting, compelling, surprising and exciting novel that drew me in from the very first page. Richmond beautifully captures the feeling of a distant time and place by describing things that intrigue young Esther, and the unique, captivating images that embrace the world around her.

       Paperback and e-book Available at and​​
​Florida Writers Association 2014
Royal Palm Literary Award​
Middle Grades Historical Fiction​